El Vincentino Restaurant

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A restaurant specializing in Latin cuisine.


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Top Reviewer
As ALWAYS: not one complaint.
Food was, and always has been, delicious.
Delivery was, and always has been, timely... Also was, and always has been, friendly, professional, courteous, and personable (depending on who the delivery person is/was).
I only wish they would stay open a little later.


Top Reviewer
You can't go wrong with El Vicentino. I recommend the pupusas, I like the mixed pupusas. Chimol is amazing, love that too. They're timely and courteous also. The food is authentic Salvadoran cuisine. They always put a lot of sauces and dips on the side and napkins! I say give it a try


3 reviews
Thank God for quality food. I just ordered and the food is incredible. To top that off the delivery man was so kind and fast. I had to write this post before I pass out into a food coma. Thank you for great food and service El Vincentino!


2 reviews
I order from this place all the time and they're always consistent. Hot (and delicious) food, the delivery person is always kind and arrive in a timely manner. It's a great place and definitely one of my favorites!


Top Reviewer
This is like the 4th time Ive ordered from this place. The food is always SOOOO GOOOOD. Ugh. Just so good. Always comes fresh and hot. The pupusas are to die for. I just love this place so. Much.

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Top Reviewer
Their food was so good! I was apprehensive because the location was little far from my house and I had never ordered from El Vincentino before. To my surprise the food was amazing! And, although my house is hard to find the delivery man found it with no trouble at all... El Vincentino just got themselves a future customer!


Top Reviewer
First time ordering from this restaurant, food was good. Everything was packaged well. Nice size portion of food. Just wish they had more drink variety. I like peach Snapple so was looking for that. So instead of a drink I got a dessert haven't eaten that yet, but it like delicious.


Top Reviewer
Everything was good and tasty. Meat seemed fresh and well seasoned. I do have one regret but its not the restaurant fault. I took my time to savor the dishes and by doing so, the taco wraps got soggy and broke apart but the container catered for that so I deployed a fork!


Top Reviewer
Food was great and I love how cheap it is compared to other places. My only problem was i ordered scrambled eggs and they gave me 1 sunnyside up and 1 over easy. im not too picky about eggs since i just love all types but id prefer it they kept the eggs consistently cooked.

Augusto P.

3 reviews
My delivery arrived a little earlier than the scheduled time, so thats already a plus. The food itself was very good and fresh. And the Horchata! Amazing. You guys just gained a frequent customer. Thank you!

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